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Beaujolais Cuvée Coeur de Vendanges - Vignes centenaires

Beaujolais Cuvée Coeur de Vendanges - Vignes centenaires

A rather rare and atypical cuvée for a Beaujolais. Pierre-Marie chooses a rich and powerful cuvée of wine made using the grapes from old vines and matures it in oak until the April following the harvest. The subtle wooded notes intermingle with very ripe red and black fruit. The mouthfeel is long and suave. A delight!

Personality of the cuvée

This limited edition wine was only known to a small circle of amateurs for several years. It was baptised ‘Cœur de Vendanges’ (heart of the harvest) by Jean-François Abert, a food journalist in Lyon. Pierre-Marie chooses the richest of his old vine cuvées to mature it in oak barrels.

From the vine to the glass

Grape variety: Gamay 1 hectare of 100-year old vine in Saint Vérand on granit soil and 1 hectare of 100-year-old vines in Vaux en Beaujolais (a.k.a Clochemerle) in the Beaujolais Villages appellation area on black granite soils. Integrated vinegrowing, universal cordon and goblet pruning, manual harvest at full ripeness. Traditional semi-carbonic Beaujolais vinification, no yeast seeding or chaptilisation, pneumatic pressing, 7-day maceration in vats followed by fermentation in barrels that have already held 5 to 10 wines, maturing for 6 months half in barrels and half in old oak tuns.


Peak 2 to 3 years.
Serving temperature: 13 °C.

Matching it with food

terrines, Lyon specialities, big sausage from Lyon, andouillette, roast young rabbit, veal rib, red meat either cooked rare or in sauce, stuffed tomatoes, feathered game, camembert, Saint Marcellin cheese, chocolate desserts.

Tasting notes

RobeDeep robe nuanced with fuchsia and bright purple tints.
Nosesupple oaky notes blend with pure and intense fruit that is close to the grape and brings to mind very ripe red and black fruit.
Palate - concentrated, red and black fruit coulis with candied notes, fleshy, suave texture, great length.


DVE - Vintage 2016: 17.6/20
RVF - Vintage 2016: 15.5/20
Bettane & Desseauve - Vintage 2015: 16/20
Guide RVF - Vintage 2015: 15/20

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