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Les Crus du Beaujolais

Moulin à Vent Les Trois Roches

Moulin à Vent Les Trois Roches

Moulin à Vent is called King of Beaujolais. This is the Cru with the longest cellaring potential and which is closest to its Burgundian neighours. As it ages, it is sometimes said to “pinote”. This cuvée is the expression of the alliance between finesse and power. The aromatic palate is wide, going from very ripe small red berries through spice to mineral notes. The three different plots of vines we use for this cuvée give a wine that is full and balanced: Rochegrès give finesse, Roche Noire liveliness and fruit while La Rochelle contributes power.

Personality of the cuvée

History of the cuvée: in 1994 we added the Rochegrès plot to our estate, in 2002 came the one in La Rochelle, which overlooks the famous old windmill (moulin à vent in French) that gave its name to the appellation, then we started buying grapes from La Roche East facing Rochegrès gives the wine finesse and supple tannins; south-east facing La Rochelle gives the cuvée its framework with power and depth while the Roche Noire grapes contribute liveliness and fruit. The manganese-rich subsoil endows nobility on the whole resulting in an ‘all round’ Moulin à Vent that may be enjoyed from now for its fruity side or cellared to mature for up to 10 years.

From the vine to the glass

Grape variety: Gamay 1 hectare at Rochegrès + 2 hectares at La Rochelle + 1.5 hectares at Roche Noire, from which we buy the grapes. A variety of granite with seams of manganese. Integrated vinegrowing, goblet pruning, manual harvest at full ripeness. Traditional vinification of Beaujolais : half-carbonic maceration with two pumping per day, maceration of 10 to 12 days in vats, no chaptalization, minimum of SO2. Aging : During 6 months 50% in tuns and 50% in oak barrels from 1 to 5 years old.


Cellaring: up to 10 years. Peak between 3 and 7 years
Serving temperature: 14 °C.

Matching it with food

All meats and poultry. It’s a great partner to dishes with morel mushroom and camembert or matured Saint Marcelin cheese.

Tasting notes

Eye - Deep, shiny, limpid ruby with crimson tints: very thick tears. 
Nose - Intense with red fruit scents that include raspberry, cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant, partnered by hints of violet and iris. 
Palate - Refined and racy with a full rounded and fleshy juicy fruit attack. Mellow, creamy tannins give a suave, velvety texture. Great complexity of flavors. 


JamresSucling - Vitage 2016: 94/100
RVF - Vintage 2016: 16/20
Gilbert & Gaillard - Vintage 2016: 17.4/20
JamresSucling - Vitage 2015: 94/100
Bettane & Desseauve - Vintage 2015: 17/20
Wine Advocate - Vintage 2015: 90/100

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