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Fleurie Poncié

Fleurie Poncié

Very representative of AOC Fleurie, the queen of the Beaujolais Crus, this cuvée bears the stamp of the terroir of Poncié. The silky tannins and floral aromas give the wine a feminine personality, packed with finesse and suavity. This is a thirst quenching wine, giving immediate pleasure, suited to a wide variety of dishes.

Personality of the cuvée

The slope’s south-easterly aspect gives this cuvée feminine elegance that is very representative of AOC Fleurie The terroir of Poncié lends the wine quite pronounced characteristics. This is a thirst quenching wine that opens quite quickly. The tannins are so supple that it slips right down.

From the vine to the glass

Grape variety: Gamay 4.5 hectares of a south-east facing named plot called Poncié in the heights of Fleurie planted 35 years ago. It is so steep that no mechanisation at all is possible. The soil is made up of pink granite rich in mica and quartz with a crumbly surface. Integrated vinegrowing, goblet pruning, manual harvest at full ripeness Traditional Beaujolais vinification Beaujolaise with “rack and return”, 10-day maceration in vats, no yeast seeding, no chaptalisation, minimum SO2, pneumatic pressing Maturing: 6 months in old oak tuns.


Cellaring: 3 to 8 years Peak: between 3 and 5 years.
Serving temperature: 14 °C.

Matching it with food

This cuvée is a great partner to a wide range of dishes. All terrines, perfect with delicate white meat, truffle and poultry pastries and other savoury pastries, Bresse poultry, rib of veal, herby oven-roast lamb chops and cushion of lamb with wild thyme as well as pigeon, quail, fish and tuna steak.

Tasting notes

Robe - shiny crimson with deep purple tints.
Nose - delicate and floral, fully blown rose, peony, violet
Palate - the silky Poncié tannins give suppleness, delicacy and elegance. Really flavourful. over and above red fruit, you will find notes of toast and undergrowth with an end that is often peppery.


Elle à Table - Vintage 2016: Silver medal
RVF - Vintage 2016: 16/20

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