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Fleurie Les Garants

Fleurie Les Garants

The area called Les Garants is one of the Fleurie appellation area’s most noble granitic terroirs. Very well sited (South-West facing) and harvested at full ripeness, the grapes from these vines give a concentrated cuvée. The result, in the mouth, is dense and long, foretelling of really good cellaring potential. The fruit is intense, lively and “sappy”. A cuvée worthy of being called “Queen of Beaujolais”!

Personality of the cuvée

This cuvée should reconcile anybody who’s ever been disappointed with Beaujolais. It shows that there are truly great terroirs within the Crus, like that of Les Garants which used, in fact, to be part of the Moulin à Vent AOC area. This is a really complete Fleurie, which combines finesse and elegance with concentration and depth. It is very enjoyable in the fruit of its youth but holds back a few surprises to unveil after a few years cellaring.

From the vine to the glass

Grape variety: Gamay 2.7 hectares of a south-west facing named area called Les Garants in Fleurie on pink granitic soil rich in mica and quartz. Integrated vinegrowing, goblet pruning, manual harvest at full ripeness Traditional vinification of Beaujolais: half-carbonic maceration with two pumping per day, maceration from 10 to 12 days in concrete vats, no chaptalization, minimum of SO2. Aging: 6 months in recent oak tuns and 10% in new barrels


Serving temperature: 15 °C.

Matching it with food

All meats and poultry.

Tasting notes

Eye – Deep crimson robe with purple tints
Nose - Quite intense and delicate A very floral bouquet with spicy notes.
Palate - Full and generous, fruit is intense, lively and sappy. Blackcurrant, redcurrant and the North American black raspberry or black cap are at the fore with a touch of vanilla, long at the end.


JamesSucling - Vintage 2016: 91/100
DVE - Vintage 2016: 17.8/20
RVF - Vintage 2016: 16.5/20
JamesSucling - Vintage 2015: 93/100
Bettane & Desseauve - Vintage 2015: 17/20
Guide RVF - Vintage 2015: 16.5/20
Wine Advocate - Vintage 2015: 92/100

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