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Les Beaujolais

Beaujolais Rosé Les Griottes

Beaujolais Rosé Les Griottes

Very original, Beaujolais rosé is great to surprise and impress your friends. Ideal for the summer months, friendly patio meals, relaxed barbecues in the garden and Asian cuisine. The pale pink robe with fuchsia notes is a surprising reminder of pomegranate seeds!

Personality of the cuvée

We started making rosé in 1985, at that time it was a real rarity in the Beaujolais region. Pierre-Marie has never made his rosé by bleeding (that is to say, drawing the juice off a vat of red Beaujolais to make it more concentrated) but has always vinified his as a wine in its own right.

From the vine to the glass

1 hectare of Gamay in Le Bois d’Oingt, siliceous-clay soil giving light and fruity wines. Integrated vinegrowing, manual harvest, Guyot pruning. Vinification: a cuvée in its own right, with direct pressing after 1 to 2 days maceration depending on the year. No yeast seeding, no chaptalisation, minimum SO2, pneumatic pressing.


Enjoy it within the year.
Serving temperature: 10 °C.

Matching it with food

Starters, a variety of salads, grilled meats, barbecue, seafood, savoury pastries, fish, fish terrine, ideal with Exotic cuisines including West Indian and Asian, desserts and fruit sorbets. Recommended for the hottest days of the year!

Tasting notes

Robe - pale, limpid pink.
Nose - light floral and fruity aromas
Palate - lip-smacking and round, notes of wild strawberry, blackberry, tart cherry, ending on a touch of star anise or pomegranate seed.


RVF - Vintage 2016: 13.5/20 - Vintage 2016: 87

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