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Beaujolais Origine Vieilles Vignes

Beaujolais Origine Vieilles Vignes

The wine is emblematic of the estate where, from 1986, we wanted to bring back the Beaujolais of yesteryear. This cuvee is crafted to pure Beaujolais tradition: it does its Easter duty in big oak tuns, is fined using egg white, it is not chaptalized and undergoes only the lightest of filtering. The lively, intense fruitiness is very close to the grape itself. Concentration and freshness in the mouth make this a Beaujolais with character.

Personality of the cuvée

This cuvée was created in 1986 under impetus from our friend Jean Brouilly, who used to be a ‘starred’ master chef in Tarare and who wanted a very natural Easter cuvée. This was at a time when the fashion was for Nouveaus with banana flavours. We decided to make a cuvée to buck the trend: a Beaujolais as close as possible to its parent grape, non-chaptalised and vinified using the traditional method, hence its name. It has been much emulated since then!

From the vine to the glass

Grape variety: Gamay 4 hectares in St Vérand well-sited on dark granite soil; even though it is in a limestone-clay area. In Saint Vérand we are on a granitic enclave on a soil similar to that in Beaujolais Villages. Old 35 to 85 year old vines south-west facing Pruning: universal cordon + goblet Integrated vinegrowing. Manual harvest at full ripeness. Traditional vinification of Beaujolais: half-carbonic maceration, 6 days of maceration in concrete tank, no chaptalization, minimum of SO2.
Aging: During 4 to 6 months in old oack tuns


To drink within 2 to 4 years
Serving temperature: 15-16 °C.

Matching it with food

Ideal for exotic cuisines: Caribbean, Asian for example, desserts and fruit sorbets. Recommended during the hottest days of the year!

Tasting notes

Eye - limpid, shiny ruby with crimson tints.
Nose - floral and small wild red berry fruit notes including wild strawberry, raspberry, carnation and peony with a hint of white pepper.
Palate - gentle, fleshy attack that brings you a perfect balance of fresh fruit and flowers, opening onto a silky mouthfeel comprising refined tannins, with a touch of spice coming through at the end.


JamesSucling - Vintage 2017: 91/100
JamesSucling - Vintage 2016: 90/100
Gilbert & Gaillard - Vintage 2016: 17,2/20
Wine Advocate - Vintage 2016: 18/20
Bettane & Desseauve - Vintage 2016: 15/20
RVF - Vintage 2016: 14,5/20
Le point - Vintage 2015: 17/20
Guide Parker - Vintage 2015: 88/100
Guide Bettane & Bessauve - Vintage 2015: 15.5/20

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