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Beaujolais Blanc Collonge

Beaujolais Blanc Collonge

White Beaujolais remains little-known and is a great wine to surprise and impress your friends with. This Chardonnay is a rarity to discover. Wonderful round, rich and tatty, it delicately coats your taste buds. The aromatic complexity is due to the 3 different terroirs it comes from. This is a really easy Chardonnay to serve from the aperitif through starts, fish and white meat to goat’s cheese. It also has a few surprises in store in 3 to 4 years hence.

Personality of the cuvée

White Beaujolais has always been served at the table at Domaine du Vissoux for generations. Maurice Chermette, Pierre-Marie’s father, vinified it in the barrel and bottled it without filtering for the family to enjoy. Those old vintages have left us with unforgettable memories. The wine was golden and a little cloudy from the deposit. An extraordinary wine! After a few trials of making it in barrels, Pierre-Marie chose to vinify this Chardonnay in stainless steel vats for it to be able to retain the aromatic pureness that is linked to the grape variety and the terroir, without any interference.

From the vine to the glass

This cuvée is the product of 3 types of soil that give this Chardonnay its fullness of character as well as aromatic complexity. 1/3 from the granitic soil at Le Vissoux, which gives finesse to the Chardonnay, 1/3 from a siliceous-clay soil at Le Nandry in St Vérand, 1/3 from a limestone-clay soil in Oingt, giving depth to this grape variety. Integrated vinegrowing, manual harvest at full ripeness, Guyot pruning. Vinification: Direct pressing, slow alcoholic fermentation (3 weeks) at a low temperature 16°C in stainless steel tanks, minimum SO2, no chaptalization Aging: stainless steel tank and 10% in acacia barrels.


Cellaring: To discover right away. Can be kept for 4 years.
Serving temperature: 10 °C.

Matching it with food

As an aperitif, on starters, fish, tuna, salmon, white meats, poultry soufflé and cheese.

Tasting notes

Eye - bright and limpid.
Nose - Aromas of white flowers, hawthorn, honeysuckle, acacia.

Round, rich and long tasting. Aromas of grapefruit, white peach or pear, sometimes apricot and in time honey notes.


JamesSucling - Vintage 2016: 87/100
Gilbert & Gaillard - Vintage 2016: 17.6/20
Elle à Table - Vintage 2016: Silver medal
RVF - Vintage 2016: 13.5/20
JamesSucling - Vintage 2015: 92/100
Bettane & Desseauve - Vintage 2015: 13.5/20
Guide RVF - Vintage 2015: 14.5/20

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