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Vine peach and ginger liqueur

Vine peach and ginger liqueur

This makes an exotic, delicious and spicy apéritif! Our new crème is made using (small, flavourful, purple) vine peaches and fresh ginger.

Crème ingredients

  • Dry beet sugar
  • Neutral sugar beet alcohol
  • Vine peaches
  • Fresh ginger

The colour comes exclusively from the fruit; no artificial colourings are added, meaning that the colour may vary depending on the fruit.

Alc. By vol.: 18%.


The vine peaches are mashed and then steeped in neutral sugar beet alcohol. Maceration lasts around 2 months.
After maceration, the peach juice is drawn off and mixed with sugar.
The alcohol content of the resulting crème de pêche is adjusted by adding either water or neutral alcohol.
We then add the infusion of fresh ginger root. The art is to strike a balance between fruit juice, sugar and alcohol. The resulting crème is stored for a few days before bottling.
We craft and bottle our crème throughout the year because the more recently it has been made, the better it is.

Serving suggestions

For an extra special ‘kir royal', we suggest pairing our Crème de Pêche with Crémant de Bourgogne. You could also serve it with a Beaujolais Rosé as an apéritif.


Once the bottle is open, it may be stored in the refrigerator for up to two months.

Tasting notes

Eye: lovely translucent ochre peach colour.
Nose: peachy attack, finishing with spicy ginger.
Palate: the crème is very concentrated, because of this you can serve it in small quantities.

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